ASP (Active Server Pages) & Visual Interdev 6.0

Price: US $1,995, UK £1,395 + VAT | Duration: 5 days
Who Should Attend?

Webmasters, Intranet and internet application developers, and programmers who need practical knowledge of developing Web sites using Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Interdev, IIS, VB script, and database / SQL programming.



Students must have programming experience in some language and be a Windows user.


Course Benefits

This course provides developers with a practical, hands-on introduction to web site development using ASP and Microsoft's Visual InterDev. The course covers web page design with FrontPage, web database programming, developing Active Server Pages, and other useful topics.

You Will Learn How To:

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. The course is 50% lecture, 50% hands-on. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Design web applications
  • Develop Active Server Pages
  • Utilize ActiveX Data Objects to develop web database applications
  • Work with design-time controls
  • Program HTML
  • Embed Visual Basic scripting in web pages
  • Embed and program ActiveX controls in web pages
  • Implement the features of IIS
  • Deploy web applications
  • Utilize JavaScript for client side scripting
  • Use SQL to perform complex database queries
Course Content

Introduction to HTML
What is HTML? | HTML Toolkits | HTML TAGS | Document Layout | Content Formatting | Hyperlinks | Images & Image Maps | Tables | Frames | Cascading Style Sheets | Forms

Introduction to JavaScript
Using JavaScript for client side scripting | What is JavaScript? | Variables | Input & Output | Conditionals | Events | Browser Manipulation | The Document Object Model | Flow Contro | Functions | Parameters & arguments | Form Validation

Standard SQL in Depth
Thorough introduction to SQL | Inserting, updating, & deleting | Grouping & Having clauses | Aggregate functions | Nested queries | Left, Right and Full outer joins | SQL Data Definition Language | Parameterized & linked queries | SQL Extensions for MS-SQL Server and Oracle

Introduction to Web Development
Architecture of a dynamic web site | Visual InterDev development environment

Internet Information Server Overview
IIS features | Installing and managing web applications with IIS

VB Scripting Overview
Server-side scripting with VB Script | VB scripting syntax and object models

ActiveX Controls
ActiveX controls overview | Inserting and programming ActiveX controls | Design time controls

Active Server Pages
Overview of Active Server Pages | Using Server Objects | Server components

Active Data Objects
ADO Overview | ADO Objects and Object model | ADO transactions and examples

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Microsoft Index Server | Reporting | Microsoft Transaction Server | Microsoft SMTP Server | Microsoft NNTP Server | Microsoft Exchange Sever | Microsoft Site Sever | Microsoft Visual Source Safe


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