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XML in .NET for Visual Studio Developers Training Course UK

XML in .NET for developers
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3 days


This course is best suited for individuals with a good understanding of XML and the supporting technologies like DOM, XSLT, and XML schemas. Individuals also need a working knowledge of the Visual Studio .NET IDE, a .NET language, and the base classes in the .NET Framework. Knowledge of SQL Server is beneficial but not required. Our XML and XSLT course is good preparation for this course.

Who Should Attend?
Developers requiring a fast-paced introduction to the XML technologies in .NET.

Course Benefits

The World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) XML technology is a powerful new tool in building distributed application. Microsoft’s .NET Framework embraces XML and uses it in everything from configuration files to XML Web Services. As a .NET developer it is important to become familiar with how .NET exposes functionality to work with XML Data. This course will provide you with information to read, write, validate, and manipulate XML data using the .NET classes. It will show you how to build Windows application that work with XML data, build XML Web Services, and import and export XML data in Microsoft SQL Server.

You Will Learn How To

  • Work with XML data in .NET
  • Use the new XMLReader and XMLWriter
  • Manipulate XML Data using DOM
  • Search XML Data using XPath
  • Use validation in .NET
  • Create XML Schemas
  • Transform XML using XSLT
  • Use advanced techniques in transformation
  • Work with XML using ADO.NET
  • Synchronize data between ADO and DOM
  • Pull XML data from SQL Server
  • Work with XMLSQL managed classes
  • Build XML Web Services in .NET
  • Expose SQL Server data using XML Web Services

Course Content

XML in Visual Studio.NET
XML Editing Tools | Creating and Transforming Schemas | XML Code Documentation

XML in the .NET Framework
The System.Xml Namespaces | The MSXML Heritage | Parsing XML in .NET | Creating New XML | Transforming XML | XML Serialization

Reading and Writing XML Streams
The pull model of SAX | XmlReader | Loading and Parsing XML | Reading XML Content | Supporting Classes | Using Name Tables | XmlNodeReader | XmlValidatingReader | XmlWriter | Creating XML on the Fly | Persisting Your New XML | Supporting Classes

Extending the W3C DOM | Parsing XML | Ways of loading the DOM with data | Navigating the DOM | Searching for Data | Reading Content | Changing and Adding Data

Valid XML
Support in .NET for Defining Structure | Creating XML Schemas | Schema Object Model | Validating XML | Linking XML to DTDs and Schemas | Performing Validation | Handling Events | Caching Schemas

Transforming and Searching XML
XSLT and XPath in .NET | Basic XSLT Processing | Using XPath to Match XML | Selecting and Testing Nodes | Special XSLT Techniques | Embedding Script | XSLT Extensions

Data Access with ADO.NET and XML
Reading and Writing XML with ADO.NET | Managed Data Providers | Loading Schema Information | Strongly Typed Datasets | Synchronizing XML and DataSets

XML and SQL Server
XML Direct from SQL Server | Writing XML Data to SQL Server | SQLXML Managed Classes | SQL Server Web Services

Web Services and ASP.NET
Creating Web Services | Automatic WSDL | Lathering Up SOAP | Building a Web Service Client | Asynchronous and Synchronous Calls | Transaction Support

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