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Delphi Training Course in UK - Delphi Training Class Outline

Delphi Part II - More Fundamentals
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
5 days


This second level Delphi training course is aimed at Delphi developers comfortable with the basics. Any Version of Delphi. If you are brand new to Delphi consider our Delphi Part 1 class.

Who Should Attend?

Delphi developers wanting to learn how to: Quickly create robust applications employing modern interfaces; Interface to the internet; Control other applications; Take advantage of OOP to reduce development time and increase stability.

Suitable follow course would be Delphi Part III.

Course Benefits

This Delphi training course starts with a thorough coverage of modern GUIs, showing how to use more advanced controls, sound, video, graphics, & Explorer-style interfaces. The course continues with a thorough and in-depth coverage of object oriented programming - the key to quickly developing robust applications, & to creating your own components.

COM automation is discussed in detail and you will see how to control other Windows applications, including MS-Word and MS-Excel.

The Windows API is also covered in detail and you will see how Delphi's VCL handles and dispatches messages, how to intercept messages, and how to directly call functions from the Windows API.

You Will Learn How To

  • Implement state-of-the-art user interfaces (Including toolbars, coolbars, tree and list views, explorer style interfaces, status bars, adding sound, video, graphics, drag & drop, drag and dock)
  • Control MS Word & MS Excel
  • Send email, browse the web, publish data on the Web, & perform FTP transfers
  • Benefit from object oriented programming techniques to drastically reduce development time & to increase stability
  • Include business graphics such as 3D bar charts & pie charts
  • Implement exception handling to improve reliability
  • Exploit the Windows API
  • Understand event driven programming and Delphi's interaction with the Windows API

Course Content

Building Modern GUIs
Using Toolbars & Coolbars | Using Treeview, ListView & Statusbar controls | Adding sound & video | Using splitters & scrolling forms | Using the clipboard | Working with graphics | Implementing Drag & Drop

Object Oriented Programming
Using Inheritance to reuse code | Reusing objects by means of composition | Using Visual Form Inheritance to reuse forms & event handlers | Working with properties to hide data & implement encapsulation | Writing your own components & integrating them into the IDE

Exception Handling
Preventing resource leaks using Try / Finally | Handling exceptions using Try / Except | Logging exceptions to disk | Using Assertions | Implementing your own exception classes

ActiveX Automation
Overview of ActiveX Automation | Working with compound documents - embedding Word documents & Excel spreadsheets in your forms | Controlling Microsoft Word: spell checking, mail merge | Controlling Microsoft Excel: graphing, calculations

Using the Windows API
Overview of message handling & Window procedures | The nature of event-driven programming | Introduction to Windows resources & DLLs | How Delphi's VCL dispatches messages | Intercepting Windows messages | Pascal to C data type conversions | Calling API functions directly

Developing for the Internet
Overview of Delphi's Internet components | Using SMTP to send mail | Using POP3 to receive mail | Browsing the web | Using FTP to send & receive files | Publishing your data on the web | Using ActiveX controls on web pages | Creating a web server application with pages derived from databases

Practical Sessions

  • Use OLE automation to automate MS-Word to perform mail merge, sending results via email, fax, or to the printer
  • Use Dephi's Internet components to send & receive email, browse the web, publish data on the web, and perform FTP transfers
  • Create exception logging system to record exceptions in a disk file
  • Display business data as bar charts, pie charts, hot graphs, etc.
  • Use modern controls such as coolbars, treeview, listview, & splitters to build Windows 98/2K
  • Explorer-style user interfaces
  • Adding sound, video, & graphics to your applications
  • Create components to integrate into Delphi's IDE

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