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Delphi Training Course in UK - Delphi Training Class Outline

Delphi Part I - Fundamentals
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
5 days


Experience with at least one other high level programming language. Comfortable with using Windows - no Windows development experience required.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone wanting to design and program object oriented and database applications using Delphi. Any Version of Delphi . Suitable follow on courses are Delphi Part II and Delphi Part III.

Course Benefits

This Delphi training course provides the foundation for the development of Delphi applications by both experienced and novice software developers who have not had extensive exposure to the Object Pascal programming language or the object-oriented environment. This is our first level Delphi training course.

Students are provided with a CD that contains lots of well converted source code, as well as examples and demo versions of popular Delphi add on tools.

You Will Learn How To


" To Program in Object Pascal
" Write Object Oriented and Event Driven programs
" Use forms and controls to create state-of-the-art user interfaces
" Use Delphi database components to access databases
" Write SDI & MDI database applications
" Use Delphi RAD tools to quickly develop applications

Course Content














Introduction to the IDE
Basic IDE Skills | The Delphi environment | How two way tools work | Using the Editor Files created by Delphi | Delphi’s project manager | Smart linking

Introduction to Pascal
Program structure | Constants & variables | Expressions | Built-in data types | Creating your own data types | Consequences of strong typing | Looping constructs | Using the GUI debugger | Functions & procedures | Parameters & arguments | Value, reference, & const parameters | Compiler options | Conditional compilation | Variable length arrays | Overloading functions | Using optional parameters | Interface & implementation section usage

Using Predefined Classes
Objects & Classes - what's the difference? | Declaring objects | Using Try/Finally to prevent memory leaks | Instantiating classes | Using properties & methods | TStringList in detail | TInifile & TRegistry

Forms & Controls
IDE customization | Using the form designer |
Using the standard controls | Control layout & tab order | Controls’ properties & behaviors

Creating & Using Menus
Using pop up & pull down menus | Using speed buttons & panels | Using tabbed notebooks | Using the system controls | Control interaction & event handling | Modal & non-modal windows

Structure of Delphi Applications
Main forms | Other forms | Using units to structure the code | Auto created forms | Dynamically created forms

The Windows Environment
Windows standards | Form design | Aesthetic considerations | Menu design guidelines | Selecting the right controls | Consequences on resource usage

Data Access with Delphi
Introduction to the BDE (Borland Database Engine) | Manipulation of data interactively using the Database Desktop & explorer | Creating a sample database | Interfacing to the BDE using data-aware components | Effective use of the TTable and TField components

MDI & SDI Models
Comparison of MDI & SDI | Building an SDI application | Building an MDI application

Practical Sessions

" Write lots of small programs in Object Pascal
Implement multi form applications with a variety of controls and event handlers
" Learn how to use pre-defined classes and components
" Write database applications using SDI and MDI models

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