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Delphi SQL Server Training Course in UK - Delphi Training Class Outline

Delphi Database Development with SQL Server
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
5 days


A good working knowledge of Delphi. Our Delphi Fundamentals provides a solid base for this course. Some knowledge of SQL statements is beneficial, but not required.

Who Should Attend?

Programmers and consultants who develop Delphi database applications for SQL Server. This course uses the ADO components with SQL Server 2000. Each student will have an instance of SQL Server 2000 to configure and use. Any version of Delphi. We also offer the official Microsoft SQL Server Implementation and SQL Server Adminsitration classes, but these are not specific to Delphi.

Course Benefits

This Delphi training course with SQL Server emphasizes productivity, performance, and application integrity. You will use Delphi specific features such as visual form inheritance, data modules, and the repository to drastically cut development time. You will also learn how to optimize SQL Server applications by understanding access plans & indexes, and by writing stored procedures, triggers, and validation at the server.

You Will Learn How To


" Make good use of the database tools and components in Delphi
" Use MS-SQL Server tools to create databases, tables and to specify integrity rules
" Program in Transact SQL
" Develop multi-table, multi user applications employing a wide range of controls and tools – to be deployed against SQL Server databases
" Design SQL Server c/s databases
" Write stored procedures & triggers in Transact SQL
• Manage database integrity violations in your Delphi application
• Optimize SQL Server databases
• Use ADO components to work with SQL Server

Course Content














Database Primer
Databases, tables, & indexes | Primary, foreign, & candidate keys| Referential, domain, & entity integrity| Stored procedures & triggers | Transaction processing

SQL Server Administration
Using Enterprise Manager | Creating and managing databases | Setting user permissions | Backing up and restoring databases | Specifying integrity rules | Standard data types | User defined data types | Temporary tables| Identity column | Using constraints | Referential Integrity | Creating Indexes

SQL Server Database Design
Managing one to many & many to many relationships| Managing optional & mandatory participation| Identifying keys: Primary, Foreign, Candidate | Identifying integrity rules | Avoiding common mistakes | Efficiency trade-offs | Implementing the design | Using SQL Server database diagrams

Transact SQL
SQL batches| Control-of-flow statements | Functions | Local & Global variables |
Stored Procedures | Triggers

Optimization issues
SQL Optimization | Setting processor options | Using indexes | Using Query Analyzer

Multi-User Issues
Transaction Processing| Locking considerations

Server Optimization
Avoiding deadlocks| Engine setup | SET statements | Transaction log | Database and user parameters

Introduction to ADO
ADO Defined | History of ADO | OLE DB Providers | ADO Structure | MDAC, ADO, OLE DB & ODBC relationships | OLE DB Providers

Delphi ADO Components
Connecting to a database using TADOConnection | Read and update data using the TADOQuery, TADODataSet, and TADOStoredProc. | TADOCommand - sending information to the database | Using parameters | Setting timeout values | ADO Connection String Arguments | Cursor Types | Lock Types

Advanced ADO Concepts
Handling one-to-many relationships | Updating queries | Using Batch updates | Resolving update conflicts | Using auto-increment keys | Exception handling | Managing ADO Transactions | Loading data from and saving data to files | Canceling a command | Transactions | Transaction Isolation levels | Nested Transactions

Practical Sessions

• Design & implement a SQL Server database
• Write an MDI application using identity columns
• Use SQL Server’s different locking techniques
• Write stored procedures and triggers to implement business rules on the server
• Handle user login and validation
• Implement a generic exception handler
• Compare client side and server side cursors
• Perform client side sorting and filtering using ADO components
• Handle one-to-many relationships and updates of the database.

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