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Advanced .Net Training Course in UK - Advanced .Net Training Class Outline

.Net Part II – ADO, ASP & Web Services with C#, VB.NET, and Delphi 2005
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5 days


This second level .net training course is aimed at developers comfortable with the basics. Students using C# or VB.Net, need to know how to use the Visual Studio IDE to create Windows forms applications, and the basics of their chosen language (C# or VB.NET). Delphi developers need to be comfortable with Delphi 2005 - our Delphi 2005 Upgrade course is perfect for this.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone wanting to get more from .Net using ADO in Window Forms, Web Services and ASP.Net
Examples and practical sessions in c# and / or vb.net, and / or Delphi 2005.

Course Benefits

This advanced .net training course provides detailed information on writing database applications using c# and / or vb.net, and / or Delphi 2005. We cover using web services to provide data for ASP.Net and window forms applications. Learn best practice techniques for working with and updating data in .Net

Students are provided with a CD that contains lots of well converted source code in both c# and vb.net, And Delphi 2005.

You Will Learn How To


" Work with SQL Server from a Windows or ASP.net application
" Create and consume web services
" Learn the Ins and Outs of ADO.Net and how it is best used in win forms and ASP.Net
" Create ASP.Net applications to publish databases to the internet
" Use Web Services as data brokers for applications in a N-Tier setup
" Handle errors in ADO.net and display meaningful error messages in both windows applications and ASP.Net applications

Course Content

ADO.Net Overview
Overview of ADO.Net | Using Wizards to create Data Aware Forms

ADO.Net Namespaces and Classes
System.Data.OleDb Namespace| System.Data.SqlClient Namespace | In depth details on classes for connecting, reading, and updating databases| Connection | DataReader | Command | Parameter | DataSet | DataTable | DataAdapter

ADO.Net Basics
Simple Data Binding in WinForms | Complex Data Binding in WinForms | Using Components | Using the Query Builder| Using the Server Explorer | Calling Stored Procedures| Connection options for SQL Server

Advanced ADO.Net Topics
Sorting, Searching and Filtering Data | Using Transactions |
Working with Relational Data | Error handling | Strongly typed DataSets |
Advanced Updates | Auto Increment values | Pending Inserts and Deletes

Web Services/SOAP
Web Service overview | Creating web services | Consuming web services, WSDL | Adding and updating Web References | Tracking user information in a web service | Creating a web service data broker | Using session information in a web Service | Type Marshaling

ASP.Net Basics
Programming Web Forms | Server Controls | Working with ViewState| Understanding Server Side Events | ASP.Net Tracing | Validation | Using List - Bound Controls | Using ADO.Net in ASP.Net | Managing state using Session and Application variables | Deploying ASP.Net applications to the internet

Advanced ASP.Net Topics
Using Cookies in ASP.net | ASP.Net Authentication techniques| ASP.Net Caching| Using ADO.Net classes in creative ways | Storing custom objects into session variables | Using Style Sheets with ASP.Net | Working with the Global.asax file

Windows Forms vs Web Forms
Comparing web development vs windows development | Design issues for web applications | User Interface techniques for ASP.Net

Practical Sessions

" Connect to a relational database and update data
" Handle user logins in ADO.Net
" Data bind controls to a data table
" Create a one-to-many windows form application
• Handle update errors in windows form applications
• Write a web service to handle data access to a database.
• Use the web service in both windows forms and ASP.Net applications
• Create a ASP.Net application to manage a database
• Create a simple shopping cart in ASP.Net using ADO.Net classes

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