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Delphi 2005 Training Course in UK - Delphi 2005 Training Class Outline

Delphi 2005 - Upgrade, and ASP.NET
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
5 days


1 year working with an earlier version of Delphi - no .NET experience required. OOP experience very beneficial. If you are brand new to Delphi consider our Delphi Part 1 class. Suitable follow on course is our .NET Part II class.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone wanting to use Delphi 2005 to create Windows and ASP.NET applications, or looking to convert Windows applications to .NET.

Course Benefits

This Delphi 2005 training course provides detailed information on writing Windows and ASP.NET applications using Delphi 2005. Delegates will be introduced to the new features in Delphi 2005, and will learn how best to use them in their own applications.

Delegates will also be introduced to ADO.NET (the data access elements in .NET), ASP.NET, and web services. At the end of this course students will be comfortable using Delphi 2005 to create both Windows and ASP.NET applications.

Finally, Delegates will be made aware of the issues involved with porting existing Delphi Windows applications to .NET.

You Will Learn How To

  • Use new features in Delphi 2005, such as the IDE, new language elements, and refactoring
  • Use ADO.NET to access databases in the .NET environment
  • Create ASP.NET applications
  • Create web services
  • What’s involved in moving existing Windows applications to .NET.

Course Content

Moving From Earlier Delphi Versions to Delphi 2005
Moving a Delphi Project | Moving a Delphi Component (source required)

Understanding and using Interfaces | Where Delphi 2005 uses interfaces

New Features in D2005
History Support | File Difference Engine | Structure View | Sync Edit | Adjusting and Using the New IDE | Tool Palette appearance | Searching for components | Code-folding Regions | Comment/Uncomment blocks of code | Changing component size appearance | Error Insight | Help Insight | for..in..do construct: String iteration, Array iteration, Set iteration, Collection iteration | Inline Methods | Simple Refactoring | Rename Symbol | Declare Variable | Declare Field | Extract Resource String | Find Unit | Translation Tools| Hints, Tips, Traps and Gotchas

Full introduction to refactoring in D2005 | Based on the definitive text: 'Refactoring - Improving the Design of Existing Code' but fully updated for D2005 | Testing (Using Dunit) |
Refactoring actions: Extract Method, Rename Variables, Move Method, Replace Temp with Query

Introduction to .NET
CLR, CTS, CLS, MSIL, JIT, FCL | Creating a Simple .NET application | Assemblies |
Unsafe Code and Lost Language Features | Strings and Immutability | Namespaces |
Class declarations | Introduction to Garbage Collection | Attributes

ADO.Net Overview
Introduction to ADO.NET | Philosophy of data access in .NET | Differences between .NET data access and classic ADO and BDE | Introduction to ADO.NET components |
Using Wizards | Handling update anomalies

Introduction to ASP.NET
Understand the role of ASP.NET | ASP.NET Features | Desktop vs Web Development | Examine Web Application Architecture | Introduction to Web Application | Introduction to Web Forms | Introduction to Server Controls | Explore page processing

WebForms and Controls
Examine the structure of Web Forms | Useful HTML Controls | Explore Web Controls in detail | Event processing and event order

Working with Data
ADO.NET uses in ASP.NET Applications | Quick Review of ADO.NET Classes |
Data Binding and Binding Expressions | DataList, DataGrid and Repeater Controls |
Updating a Database from a WebForm

Application Management
View, Session and Application State | Working with multiple pages | Redirection options |
Passing and Reading parameters to a web page | Forms Authentication | More DbGrid events

ASP.NET Web Services
Why use web services | What can be passed to a web service | Creating a web service |
Passing data to a web service | Updating data on a web service

Practical Sessions

  • Using Interfaces - perform automatic garbage collection in Win32
  • Using Refactoring: Extract Method, Move Method, Rename Variable, Rename Class
  • Create database applications using ADO.NET
  • Use ASP.NET to write ASP applications
  • Creating Web Services

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