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UML / OOA / OOD Training Course in UK - UML / OOA / OOD Training Class Outline

Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
4 days


Familiarity with structured techniques such as functional decomposition is helpful, but not necessary.

Who Should Attend?

Analysts, designers, and programmers responsible for applying OO techniques in their software engineering projects. Although implementation in C++, Delphi, and Java is discussed, this course is primary an analysis and design course so is equally applicable to analysts, developers, and those managing developers.

Course Overview

Learn how to use Object-Oriented techniques to analyze real-world requirements and to design solutions that are ready to code. Students learn how to identify and design objects, classes, and their relationships to each other which includes links, associations, and inheritance. A strong emphasis is placed on diagram notation for use cases, class and object representation, links and associations, and object messages.

Implementation in C++, Java, and Delphi is discussed, although students do not need to know those languages

Course Content










Object-Oriented Software Development
The Development Process | The Unified Software Development Process | Inception Phase | University Registration System | Problem Statement | Elaboration Phase

Construction Phase

Transition Phase

Elaboration Phase
Use Case and Actor Notation | Use Case Diagram | Use Case Narration Include and Extend | Risk Identification | Risk Management | Test Plan Document | Test Strategy

Data Dictionary
Construction Plan

Object-Oriented Concepts
Encapsulation | Objects | Scope | Attributes | Operations and Methods | Object Identification | Object vs. Value Semantics | Classes | Object Type Identification | Class Scope | Instance Creation | Inheritance | Visibility

Class Identification
Abstraction | CRC Cards | Responsibilities and Collaborators | Model Perspective | Conceptual Class Notation | Class Relationships | Associations | Multiplicity | Role Names and Reflexive Associations | Aggregation and Composition | Inheritance Notation

Analysis Checking
Association Classes | Breaking Many-to-Many Associations | Breaking Complex Associations | What are States? | State Notation | Transitions and Guards | Superstates and Substates | Concurrent States

Modeling Activities
Actor vs. System | Activity Notation | Transitions and Guards | Synchronization | Drilling Down Activities | Swimlanes | Using Activity Diagrams

Object Design
Use Case Solution | Object Notation | Object Links and Messages | More Message Notation | Link Types | More Link Types | Five Steps to Better CD's | Rating CD's | Hierarchical Method Decomposition | Sequence Diagrams

Class Specification
Finding Operations | Identifying Navigability | Qualified Associations | Scope and Visibility | Yet Another Look at Inheritance

More OO
Multiple Inheritance Basics | Problems with Multiple Inheritance | Solving Multiple Inheritance | Abstract Classes | Polymorphism | Interfaces | Collections | Parameterized Classes

Application Frameworks
What is an Application Framework? | Model-View-Controller | Value Models | AspectAdaptors | Models and Dependency | ApplicationModel | Subject/View Basics | Dependency S/V Style | Document/View Basics

System Design
Packages | Package Interface Diagram | Components and Interfaces | Deployment Diagram | Object Persistence | Storing Objects in an RDBMS | The Normal Form of Relationships | Storing Objects in an ODBMS | Object Serialization | Object-Relational Databases

Case Study
University Registration System | Context Diagram | Class Diagram (Associations) | Class Diagram (Generalizations) | Class Diagram (Subject View) | Collaboration Diagrams

OOP Implementing the Diagrams in C++, Java, and Delphi
Classes and Inheritance | Implementing Attributes & Exactly One Associations | Bounded Associations | Introduction to Templates | Several Class Definitions with all Attributes and Associations | Collaboration Diagram Implementation

A Complete OOA&D Project: Process and UML
The Castle Project

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