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Delphi Multi Tier Training Course in UK - Delphi Multi Tier Training Class Outline

Delphi Multi-tier Development
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
5 days


Delphi database development with a client server database. This course does not cover the details of setting up a 2-tier c/s application.

Who Should Attend?
Delphi developers who are migrating from a two tier to n-tier systems. Developers who need additional information on DCOM and CORBA

Course Benefits

Delegates will gain an understanding of CORBA, DCOM, VisiBroker, and other technologies required to develop an N-Tier application. They will learn how to implement CORBA and DCOM applications, use ADO in a multi-tier system, and will understand MIDAS, and create MIDAS multi-tier and web server based applications.

You Will Learn How To
  • Use Delphi to structure and organize a multi-tier application
  • Write a N-tier application using either COM or CORBA
  • Implement a MIDAS application
  • Use Microsoft's ADO to implement an N-tier application
  • Use Internet Express components to develop an N-tier application that will run in a browser
  • Work with the Delphi remote debugger
  • Understand the differences between DCOM and CORBA

Course Content














Overview of Techniques for Building N-Tier Applications in Delphi
N-Tier design & thin clients | Web server applications & thin client applications

COM/DCOM Overview
Interfaces | GUIDS | CoClass | COM and the registry

Overview | IDL | Interfaces vs. Abstract Classes | Interfaces vs. Multiple Inheritance | Reference Counting | Using Delphi's Type Library Editor to create and manage Interfaces

In Process Servers vs. Out of Process Servers Writing a COM Server | Writing a COM Client | Type Libraries | Using Enums and Consts | Enhancing the COM Server/Client

CORBA Overview
Basic Object Adapter | Skeletons and Stubs | CORBA Interfaces | Stubs and Skeletons | Setting up CORBA on a Server/Network | Writing a CORBA Server | Writing a CORBA Client | Using CORBA Data Modules | Static vs Dynamic binding

N-Tier design & thin client | ORB's | Object Activation Daemon | Smart Agent | IIOP | Load Balancing

Handling Errors in COM/CORBA | Remote Debugging with COM/CORBA | N-Tier with ADO | ADO Components | Writing ADO Servers | Writing ADO Clients

MIDAS Overview | MIDAS Server Applications | Remote Data Module | Data Set Provider | MIDAS Client Applications | Connecting to the Server | TclientDataSet | Handling Exceptions | Updating Conflicts | Briefcase with MIDAS

Web Development
Web Server Application Overview | Writing a Simple Web Server Application | Web Server Content Producers | Maintaining state information

Internet Express
Converting a MIDAS server to a web server application

Practical Sessions

  • Design Interfaces for a distributed application
  • Implement a simple DCOM server and client
  • Implement a simple CORBA server and client
  • Create a MIDAS server
  • Write a CORBA 'wrapper' around an existing 2-tier application

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