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Delphi ADO Training Course in UK - Delphi Training Class Outline

D201 - Using ADO with Delphi
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
2 days


A solid understanding of the Delphi language and database components.

Who Should Attend?
This Delphi ADO training course is designed for Delphi programmers & IT managers managing Delphi programmers using any version of Delphi.

Course Benefits

ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) is Microsoft's data access layer for relational databases, spreadsheets, email, documents, graphics and the Internet. Think of it as an updated ODBC. Delphi's support for ADO will undoubtedly increase with subsequent Delphi versions. You can use ADO instead of the BDE, and you need to if you are using MSSQL Server version 7. DPR's Delphi / ADO course contains a detailed coverage of using ADO in Delphi. This course focuses on the most common uses of ADO in a Delphi application. Developers will learn how to convert an existing application from using the BDE to using ADO. Developers will be able to design, develop and test an application using ADO to connect to a database.

You Will Learn How To

  • Use the ADO express components to access MSSQL Server and MS-Access
  • Convert BDE based applications to use ADO
  • Work with the new ADO components in D5
  • Work with the ADO API directly
  • Use ADO cursors
  • Use ADO transaction processing

Course Content






Introduction to ADO
ADO Defined | History of ADO | OLE DB Providers | ADO Structure | MDAC, ADO, OLE DB & ODBC relationships | OLE DB Providers
| ADO and different databases | Getting The ADO Version Number

Delphi ADO Components
Connecting to a database using TADOConnection | Read and update data using the TADOQuery, TADODataSet, and TADOStoredProc. | TADOCommand - sending information to the database | Using parameters | Setting timeout values | ADO Connection String Arguments | Cursor Types | Lock Types

Advanced ADO concepts
Handling one-to-many relationships | Updating queries | Using Batch updates | Resolving update conflicts | Using auto-increment keys | Exception handling | Distributing ADO applications | Managing ADO Transactions | Loading data from and saving data to files | Canceling a command | Transactions | Transaction Isolation levels | Nested Transactions | Determining transaction support | Transaction Isolation Levels

Native ADO
Accessing ADO without Delphi's components

Extensions for data definition and security | ADOX object model | Creating tables, indexes, etc in a database | Creating stored procedures | Getting and setting user permissions

Converting from BDE to ADO
BDE Component equivalents | Conversion checklist | BDE Tools and Their ADO Equivalents

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