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Visual FoxPro Advanced Programming
Price: US $1,995, UK £1,395 + VAT | Duration: 5 days

Who Should Attend?

Developers with existing VFP experience who want to learn how to design sophisticated applications and get to grips with VFP's advanced features.



Experience of using Visual FoxPro in a development environment. You should be familiar with the main language elements, the OOP features and the database container. Our Visual FoxPro Programming provides a solid base for this course.


Course Benefits

The course provides a thorough treatment of the steps needed to design and develop real-world business applications with VFP. It is a highly practical course, with emphasis on advanced features and design issues. Students will learn important techniques that will help them design robust, functional applications.


You Will Learn How To:


  • Design a complete application, including the database, user interface and class library
  • Use VFP's advanced features



Course Content

Application Design from the Ground Up
Planning development strategy| Building an efficient database model | Designing a sound user interface | Structuring the application | Using the application wizard

Class Library Design
Planning a class library | Communicating between classes | Using polymorphism to simplify class usage | Making classes truly generic

Advanced Buffering Techniques
Using buffers to safeguard data | Dealing with multi-user conflicts | Handling validation rules & triggers

Introduction to ActiveX
Exploiting ActiveX components in your application | Using the Treeview, Listbox & Common Dialog controls

Integrating with Other Applications
Using the Treeview, Listbox & Common Dialog controls | Using OLE Automation to communicate between applications | Integrating VFP & Office 97 | Introduction to Web publishing | Using the Internet Explorer control

Client/Server Issues
Introduction to ODBC | Connecting to a remote database | Optimizing remote views for improved performance | Prototyping with local views | Upsizing data to back-end servers | Using offline views

Other Topics
Implementing drag-& -drop | Working with clipboard text | Interfacing with the Windows help system | Using the Windows API


Practical Sessions

Students will work on the design and development of a real application that will exploit the practical techniques learned in the class.

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