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Visual FoxPro Programming
Price: US $1,995, UK £1,395 + VAT | Duration: 5 days

Who Should Attend?

Existing developers wanting a fast start in Visual FoxPro.



Familiarity with an Xbase language (such as CA-Clipper, dBase, or an earlier version of FoxPro).


Course Benefits

This course provides in-depth instruction in Visual FoxPro application development. It is a highly practical, hands-on course, concentrating on VFP's database and object-oriented features. Emphasis is given to techniques that reduce coding, improve performance and speed up development. Students will take away useful components that they can use in their own work.


You Will Learn How To:


  • Develop sophisticated business applications in Visual FoxPro
  • Use object-oriented programming to create re-usable components
  • Design robust databases using VFP's database container
  • Create attractive user interfaces
  • Fully exploit VFP's base controls
  • Take advantage of VFP's design tools, wizards and debugger to speed the development cycle


Course Content

Introduction and Overview
What's so wonderful about VFP? | What you need to run it

Finding your way around
Tour of the development environment | Getting the most from the Project Manager | Tips for productive working

Databases & Tables
Working with tables & indexes | Understanding the database container | Using field & record properties | Taking advantage of persistent relationships | Secrets of good database management

Object-Oriented Programming
OOP de-mystified: it's easier than you think | Understanding dot notation | Properties, events, methods | Using object-orientation to speed up development | Exploiting the visual class designer

Creating Forms
Using the form designer | Understanding the base controls | Making your forms data-aware | Creating modal dialogues & SDI forms | Tips & techniques for form design

Going further with the Base Controls
Getting the most from checkboxes, option buttons, command buttons, list boxes & combo boxes | Exploring grids & page frames | Using form templates, alignment tools & tab ordering

Querying your Data
Using the query designer |Redirecting query output |SQL: the minimum you need to know

Putting it together
How to structure your application | Adding custom menus | Using the debugger & class browser | Building & distributing the application | The Setup Wizard

Advanced Topics
Understanding collections & array properties| Tips for cutting down code | Secrets of writing modeless applications

Practical Sessions
  • Set up a relational database, complete with data dictionary, triggers, referential integrity & stored procedures
  • Learn how to fully exploit object-oriented programming by creating your own classes
  • Create forms for navigating & searching tables, including those with one-to-many relationships
  • Use buffering to safeguard your data
  • Create queries for extracting sub-sets of data
  • Use & manipulate all the VFP controls & interface elements
  • Use the VFP debugger
  • Prepare an application for distribution to users

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