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SQL Server Course in UK - SQL Server Class Outline

SQL Server 7.0 System Administration
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5 days


An understanding of basic relational database concepts. Knowledge of basic Transact-SQL syntax (SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT statements). Familiarity with the role of the database administrator.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for support personnel, database analysts, database administrators, or those whose role involves the setting up, administrationm tuning, and day to day maintenance of SQL Server. 
Course Benefits

This course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, administer and troubleshoot Microsoft SQL Server. The course provides extensive hands-on practical experience to build and develop competence and abilities in tasks such as installation, backup, recovery and managing security using SQL Server's tools.

You Will Learn How To

  • Plan for a SQL Server installation
  • Install SQL Server
  • Configure SQL Server, manage files and databases
  • Choose a login security method
  • Configure login security
  • Plan and implement database permissions
  • Back up databases
  • Restore databases
  • Automate administrative tasks using SQL Server Agent
  • Import, export and transform data
  • Monitor and maintain SQL Server performance
  • Replicate data from one SQL Server to another

Course Content

SQL Server Overview
What is Microsoft SQL Server | SQL Server architecture | SQL Server security | SQL Server databases | Working with SQL Server

Installing and Configuring
SQL Server | Minimum hardware and software requirements | SQL Server installation options | Running the SQL Server setup program | Verifying the installation | Preparing to use SQL Server | Troubleshooting

Managing Security
Implementing an authentication mode | Assigning login accounts to users and roles | Assigning permissions to users and roles | Planning security | Managing application security

Managing Database Files
Introduction to databases | Creating databases | Modifying databases | Managing databases on multiple disks | Capacity planning

Backing Up Databases
Preventing data loss | SQL Server backup | When to back up databases | Performing backups | Types of backup methods | Planning a backup strategy

Restoring Databases
SQL Server recovery process | Preparing to restore a database | Restoring backups | Restoring databases from different backup types | Using a standby SQL Server | Restoring damaged system databases

Automating Administrative Tasks
Reasons to automate | Introduction to SQL Server automation | Automating routine maintenance tasks | Creating alerts | Troubleshooting

SQL Server automation
Automating multiserver jobs | Publishing database data on the Web

Transferring Data
Introduction to importing and exporting data | Tools for importing and exporting data in SQL Server | Introduction to data transformation services (DTS) | Transferring data with DTS

Monitoring and Maintaining SQL
Why monitor SQL Server | Tools for monitoring SQL Server | Creating a maintenance plan for SQL Server

Introducing Replication
Introduction to distributed data | Introduction to SQL Server replication | SQL Server replication agents | SQL Server replication types | Physical replication methods

Planning and Setting Up Replication
Planning replication | Configuring network security access | Preparing the servers | Publishing | Subscribing

Managing Replication
Monitoring and troubleshooting replication | Replicating in heterogeneous environments | Publishing on the Internet

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