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SQL Server 2000 Implementation Training UK - SQL Server 2000 Training UK Course Outline

SQL Server 2000 Database Implementation
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5 days


Experience using the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is recommended delegates have one year's experience with relational databases, three to six months of SQL Server experience together with an understanding of basic ANSI SQL statements.

Who Should Attend?

Learn how to deliver powerful database solutions-and prepare for the Microsoft® Certified Professional (MCP) exam. Work through the modular system of lessons and hands-on exercises, with the help of an expert instructor, to gain practical experience designing and implementing data-driven business applications using SQL Server" 2000 Enterprise Edition. As you build these real-world design skills, you're also preparing for MCP Exam 70-229-a core exam for MCDBA certification and a key elective on the MCSE and MCSD tracks.
Course Benefits

This SQL Server 2000 implementation training course provides delegates with technical skills required to implement a database solution with the Microsoft SQL Server relational database management system. The course provides extensive hands-on practical experience covering all the main topics including creating databases, creating indexes, performing advanced queries and summarizing data. Official Microsoft courseware.

You Will Learn How To
    • Create and manage files, file groups, databases, tables and transaction logs
    • Enforce data integrity using constraints, defaults, and rules
    • Plan for appropriate use
    • Create and maintain indexes
    • Write queries that retrieve and modify data using joins and subqueries
    • Write queries that summarise data
    • Manage locking options and transactions to ensure data concurrency and recoverability
    • Create views of data
    • Design & create stored procedures
    • Design and create triggers
    • Work with distributed data

Course Content













Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Overview of SQL Server 2000 | Components of SQL Server 2000 | Overview of SQL Server 2000 Architecture

Using Transact-SQL on a SQL Server Database
SQL Server Programming Tools | Introduction to Transact-SQL | Transact-SQL Syntax Elements | Executing Transact-SQL Statements

Designing a SQL Server Database
Introduction to Database Design | Planning a SQL Server Database | Identifying: System Requirements | Developing a Logical Data Model

Implementing SQL Server Databases & Tables
Creating and Managing a SQL Server Database| Identifying Data | Creating and Managing Tables

Implementing Data Integrity
Introduction to Data | Implementing Integrity

Accessing and Modifying Data 205
Accessing Data in a SQL Server Database | Using SELECT Statements to Access Data | Modifying Data in a SQL Server Database Exercise

Managing and Manipulating Data
Importing and Exporting Data | Using Distributed Queries to Access External Data | Using Cursors to Retrieve Data | Retrieving XML Data

Implementing Stored Procedures
Introduction to Stored Procedures | Creating, Modifying, & Deleting Stored Procedures | Programming Stored Procedures

Implementing Triggers
Introduction to Triggers | Creating and Managing Triggers | Programming Triggers

Implementing Views
Introduction to Views | Creating, Modifying, and Deleting Views | Accessing Data through Views

Implementing Indexes
Index Architecture | Index Creation & Administration

Managing SQL Server Transactions & Locks
Transaction & Locking Architecture | Managing SQL Server | Managing SQL Server Locking

Designing & Administering SQL Server 2000 Security
Overview of SQL Server 2000 Security | Designing a Database Security Plan | Database Security Implementation & Administration

SQL Server Monitoring & Tuning
Monitoring Databases with SQL Profiler | Index Tuning & Database Partitioning

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