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Delphi Training Course in UK - Delphi Training Class Outline

Web Application Development w/Delphi 5
This course is scheduled or demand, or can be scheduled as a one on one. Click to send an email RE this course.
Duration: 5 days


Experience of using Delphi as a standard development tool. (Database experience useful.) No Internet experience required.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone wanting to design and program World Wide Web based applications using Delphi. Delphi 6 users see our Delphi 6 Advanced Web Development Course

Course Benefits

This Delphi training course provides a solid foundation for the development of Delphi Web based applications. The web development course will teach students everything they need to know to start producing Web enabled Delphi applications. The class will design, code and implement a full Web Application, covering many of the issues involved in the Web Application development cycle.

You Will Learn How To
  • Structure and organize a web based application
  • Understand the methods and protocols used within a web based application
  • Write HTML pages and forms
  • Write client side JavaScript
  • Write standard CGI applications using Object Pascal
  • Use Delphi's WebModule technology
  • How to write ISAPI.NSAPI DLL's
  • Write Web Database Applications
  • Use cookies and hidden fields to maintain state

Course Content

Web Development Overview

Overview of Internet and Intranet
TCP/IP | IP addresses and domain names | Resolving names to addresses | Internetworking | Sockets | Development options [CGI programs, Server side scripting, Client side scripting]

Web Design Issues
Browser compatibility concerns | You don't own the resources | WYSIWYMG | High traffic web sites Security Issues | Java security | Javascript security | VBScript security | CGI security | Firewalls | Encryption and digital signatures | SSL (secure sockets)

Introduction to Web Development
Web Development Overview | Client/Server Systems | Web Application Walk Through | Understanding URL's | Understanding DNS | Understanding Sockets

Client Side Development

Web Application Client Side Technologies
Overview of Client Side Web Development Technologies | Understanding the Browser

Introduction to HTML
What is HTML? | HTML Toolkits | HTML TAGS | Document Layout | Content Formatting | Hyperlinks | Images & Image Maps | Tables | Frames | Cascading Style Sheets | Forms | Using Visual Interdev

New standard for HTML | XHTML rules | Converting from HTML to XHTML | Validating XHTML

Introduction to JavaScript
Using JavaScript for client side scripting | What is JavaScript? | Variables | Input & Output | Conditionals | Events | Browser Manipulation | The Document Object Model | Flow Contro | Functions | Parameters & arguments | Form Validation | Reading and writing cookies | Using Visual Interdev | Using cookies to store user information | Working with multiple browser windows | Preloading images for speed | Implementing slide shows and image rollovers | Performing client side validation | Validating credit cards, dates, and email addresses | Effective use of timers

Server Side Development

Web Application Server Side Infrastructure
Overview of Client Side Web Development Technologies | How a Web Server works | Requirements for setting up a Web Server

Web Application Server Side Technologies
What is CGI? | What is ISAPI/NSAPI | Other Server Side Technologies

Writing CGI with Object Pascal
Console Applications | Environment Variables | Input & Output | Receiving Parameters

Writing CGI with Delphi Client/Server
Using WebModules | Creating Web Actions | Using Page Producers | Retrieving Parameters | Determining the Request Method | Hidden Fields | Cookies

Web Database Applications with Delphi Client/Server
Using Table Producers | Database Controls | Database Issues & Technologies

Developing ISAPI & NSAPI DLL's with Delphi Client/Server
ISAPI & NASPI Issues | Multithreading | Database Access in ISAPI & NSAPI | Converting CGI to ISAPI/NASPI

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